EEMCS Graduation Policy [MSc]


The master graduation policy  has been made under the authority of the Board of Examiners in order to harmonize the different graduation practices at the EEMCS MSc programmes (SET not included*). This policy documents the definitions, objectives, procedures, starting requirements and the assessment criteria of a Master thesis. It is meant for different users:

  • for the student and supervisor: to get an answer on the what, when and how questions
  • for the members of the graduation committee: to know what criteria are to be used to grade the thesis
  • for the members of Board of Examiners: to monitor thesis grades and procedures, in order to guarantee that final qualifications are met in a reliable and valid way.

* For all relevant information and documents for the graduation procedure of the SET programme please go to Brightspace page SET3901.

On the Blackboard site EEMCS Teachers checklists are published for thesis advisor, graduation committeeand Board of Examiners, as well as questionnaires for thesis advisors to evaluate the supervision.

WORKING GROUP 2009-2011:, Sorin Cotofana(Computer Engineering), Hans Geers (SoftwareEngineering), Erik Jansen (Computer Graphics), Rik Lopuhaa (Statistics), Henk Polinder (ElectricalSustainable Energy), Jos Weber (Wireless Mobile Communications). Kalinka Grijpink (EEMCS Educationconsultant), Julia Caussin (EEMCS Programme coordinator)


The MSc graduation policy concerns with the preparation and examination of the master thesis and determines a further specification of the articles 12, 26 – 29 of the "Rules and Guidelines (RG)1 laid down by the Board of Examiners of all EEMCS masters" degree programmes. These procedures comply with the Course and Examination Regulations (CER)2 and the Implementation Procedures (IP)3, both issued by the dean of the faculty and approved by the Executive Board of the University, 2010.







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