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Printing, photocopying, scanning and plotting


In every building on campus there are multifunctionals available where you can print, scan or duplicate originals in colour or black & white on A3 and A4 paper. 

Who is this for?

Students and employees


You simply hold your campus card against the card reader in order to log on the machine and complete your printing, scanning or copying job. To use it you do however need to have sufficient prepaid balance. You can register at any machine in your building to complete your printing job.

If the nearest printer is busy or not working, you can simply go to a different machine. Forget your campus card? It is still possible to log in using your NetID and password.



Any faults should be reported to your Service Desk, stating the location number and CMDB number (on the sticker on the front of the system). N.B. For the time being you can use another multifunctional nearby. For an overview see


Supplies of toner and paper are monitored via the network and replenished as required. If the toner or paper has run out, however, report this to your Service Desk.

Handling time

There is no handling time to photocopying documents.


  • Black & white printing costs 2 euro cents per page, irrespective of paper size.
  • Colour printing costs 10 euro cents per page, irrespective of paper size.
  • Double-sided printing: for every double-sided page you will pay 75% of the standard price.
    For example:
    double-sided black & white: 0,02 + 0,02 = 0,04 * 0,75 = 0,03
    double-sided colour: 0,10 + 0,10 = 0,20 * 0,75 = 0,15  

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