Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a challenge!

  • It offers you the opportunity to live in another country and to get to know another culture.
  • You will also experience how students in another country live and study.
  • It enhances your prospects in the labour market through gaining international experience.
  • It broadens your perception of your field of study through following courses or doing projects not offered by TU Delft.
  • It strengthens your language skills and sharpens your social and cultural skills.

TU Delft and the faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science offer students the possibility to spend a period of their degree programme abroad. This can be as an exchange student at a university, for an internship or thesis. Experience abroad is seen as beneficial to your university education and personal development.

To find more information, take a look at the website


Step By Step


  • Research which university you would be interested (Complete list of destinations per studyfield under documents)
  • Visit


  • Select three universities from the list of destinations, decide in which period of the academic year you want to study abroad.
  • E-mail your application package at the international office EEMCS before 1 January. Placement will be announced before 15 January.
  • After you have been placed; register at the host university. Follow their application procedure.
  • Compose your study programme with your programme coordinator 
  • Parallel to your application have the board of examinars approve your programme abroad.
  • After admission to the host university apply for funds. Visit for more information.
  • Register your stay abroad in Osiris.


  • To authorise your study results, submit a transcript of records at the international office of EEMCS. 
  • finalize fund applications: write travel report.
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