Education Commissions

Board of Studies

The faculty has a Board of Studies for each of its degree programmes. 

The Board of Studies is responsible for:

  • Advisingon the determination of the teaching and examination regulations;
  • Assessing annually the implementation of the teaching and examination regulations;
  • Advising the Dean of Faculty and the Director of Studies – either on request or on its own initiative - on all degree programmes and all areas related to the teaching thereof, as well as all matters relating to the short, medium, and long term policy direction of the degree programmes.

Contact details for the different Board of Studies can be found under 'Board of Studies'.


Boards of Examiners

The Board of Examiners is responsible for drafting and determining the exam guidelines and regulations, as well as advising on the course and examination timetables, including procedural rules and other measures necessary for the proper running of examinations.

The Board of Examiners can issue guidelines and instructions to examiners as to assessment of examinees and how exam scores are to be determined.

Each degree programme has its own Sub-Board of Examiners - answerable to the Board of Examiners- that is charged with the organisation and coordination of examinations. The Sub-Board of Examiners appoints the examiners for the examinations. The examiners must be directly involved in the teaching programme.

Meetings of the (Sub-)Board of Examiners are not open to the public.

Contact details for the different Boards of Examiners can be found under 'Board of Examiners'.

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