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  • Ultimately three months before starting the actual thesis work, the student should decide upon a specialisation. To start, the student shows his IEP and TEP to the thesis advisor. In consultation with the thesis advisor, the student will select a thesis topic. In addition, a daily supervisor (tutor) or an advisor, from the company where the thesis research is conducted, may be assigned. The thesis topic should comply with the research area of the thesis advisor.
  • The Master’s Thesis Project may be done within a research programme of the university, or within another suitable context, e.g. a research institute or enterprise. Companies should be aware that the Master’s Thesis Project may require some freedom for academic work which may not directly contribute to the company’s own business process.
  • The thesis should have sufficient academic depth. The project, being either a research or design project should be performed by following a systematic approach, and the assignment should cover all phases of a research/design project including an explicit modelling/implementation/building phase, and a validation/evaluation of the results.
  • Within the first month after the start of the project, the student should write a short proposal with objectives and a planning of deliverables and milestones. (Use: "EEMCS Master’s Thesis Project Proposal Guidelines: Milestones, Deliverables and Phasing"). The thesis advisor assesses the proposal on feasibility and academic depth, and may suggest modifications.
  • The student should indicate in advance whether he is available fulltime. If not, he has to make provisions with the research group or company to do the assignment part time.

Ask your thesis advisor for good thesis report examples.

Appendix 2, Master Thesis Proposal Milestones deliverables

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