• The student should carry out the project autonomously under guidance of a thesis advisor. Each student carries out his or her own Master’s Thesis Project., even in case of a complex project carried out by a team of students.
  • The student and the thesis advisor (and the daily supervisor) meet on a two-weekly or three-weekly basis to discuss the progress. The student should provide an agenda and a written progress report for the meetings describing the progress and the main discussion items. In between the meetings the student may ask the daily supervisor for technical assistance.
  • For the specified milestones (Use: "EEMCS Master’s Thesis Project Proposal Guidelines: Milestones, Deliverables and Phasing"), the student submits a progress report (a preliminary chapter of the thesis report) and describes (or demonstrates) the intermediate results and findings. The supervisors will give feedback on the results and will indicate whether the project is still on track. In all cases, the student is assumed to take initiative and to guard the progress of the project.
  • The student should participate in the colloquia of the chosen specialisation. Halfway through the project, the student should give a midterm presentation on the project e.g. at a colloquium, in presence of his advisors.
  • During the project, and in particular near the end, the student should start writing the thesis report and should hand in chapters for reviewing to the thesis advisor and daily supervisor. The thesis advisor should give feedback within reasonable time (within two weeks).
  • Forty working days before the planned defense, the student should hand in a final version of the thesis report for approval by the thesis advisor.
  • Thirty working days before the planned defense the thesis advisor gives approval ("green light") to the student. With the green light the student can apply for the final examination. Use form: "EEMCS MSc Final examination".

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