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  • The thesis report documents the results of the Master’s Thesis Project (Use: "Guidelines for writing a report"). It contains an account of the work, the followed procedure, intermediate milestones and the decisions taken.
  • The thesis report must be written in English.
  • The thesis report has a title page which contains the title of the thesis, the date of the thesis defense, the name and student number, the chosen specialisation, the master programme, the faculty EEMCS, and TU Delft.
  • The thesis report contains a preface that explains the topic of the thesis, the context (institute or company), the main findings in a few lines and the names of the members of the thesis committee. The preface may end with a few acknowledgements, and completed with name and date.
  • The thesis report contains an introduction chapter that introduces the main research themes and gives an overview of the report.
  • The thesis report contains a chapter with prior art that describes previous work and scientific publications relevant for the topic. This chapter reformulates the research questions in a form that complies with the state of the art in the field.
  • The thesis report contains several chapters that describe the performed work.
  • The thesis report concludes with a concluding chapter with a discussion of the results, and recommendations and suggestions for future research.
  • The thesis report may contain a scientific paper about the work, often written together with the thesis advisor, added as an appendix.
  • The thesis report will be made public after the assessment by the thesis committee, unless the organisation in which the Master’s Thesis Project has taken place considers that its publication would harm its interests (e.g. patents, knowledge, market figures). The organisation or the thesis advisor can submit a request concerning confidentiality for some parts to the Board of Examiners. The members of the thesis committee, however, should have access to the full report.
  • At least five working days before the defense the student uploads a pdf of the final version of the thesis report in the electronic TU Delft repository. (


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appendix 4b Guidelines for writing a report

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