1.      I haven't passed all my minor subjects yet. Do I have to re-enrol for the following academic year?

No, you do not have to re-enrol if you already enrolled in a previous academic year and the minor has not yet been completed.
Please note: Minor subjects in the minor programme are subject to change. Ask the coordinator of the minor about the transitional measures.

2.      I didn't pass one of my minor subjects. The minor has since been discontinued. Is it still possible to do a retake?
You will be given at least one opportunity to retake the exam during the next academic year.

3.      If my chosen minor is cancelled, will I be informed of this and also have the opportunity of choosing another minor?
You will be immediately informed by e-mail if the minor you've chosen is cancelled. You will have the opportunity to enrol for a different minor.

4.      Are there also minors taught in English?
Yes, almost all TU Delft minors are taught in English, with some exceptions. Have a look at our overview of available minors to see which minors are not taught in English.

5.      I received a five for one of the minor subjects. Can I compensate this mark with a seven from a different minor subject?
TU Delft has agreed that it is not possible to pass any subject with a five. You can find this in the ‘Rules and Guidelines for Examinations’ of your Bachelor’s programme. These examination requirements are listed on the faculty’s campus website.

6.      I'd like to follow a minor at another university. How can I arrange this?
Acceptance of a minor at another university has to be requested from your own Bachelor's degree programme's Board of Examiners via the Free Minor Form. Minors at the other universities of technology (TUs) are usually accepted. We advise you to ask the university in question whether you will be admitted to the minor. If this is the case, you will have to enrol at that university as well.

7.      How are the marks that I received at another university passed on to my degree programme?
You will have to request a transcript of your marks from the university in question and pass this on yourself to the Board of Examiners and the Student Administration of your degree programme.

8.      May I follow a minor at a University of Applied Sciences?
In principle, this is not possible, seeing that the minor must be at a level equivalent to third-year BSc subjects. Very occasionally, a minor at a University of Applied Sciences can meet these requirements. You should consult the Board of Examiners of your own Bachelor's degree programme for more information.

9.      I'd like to change my minor enrolment. After further consideration, I'd prefer to do a different minor. How can I arrange this?
You are able to enrol and unenrol yourself in a minor in Osiris during the first enrolment period. If you want to unenrol during the second enrolment period, please send an e-mail to minors@remove-this.tudelft.nl

10.  I'd like to compile my own minor programme from TU Delft subjects. When will the lecture timetable be published, so that I can be sure no two subjects coincide?
The minors offered by TU Delft are carefully compiled. Selecting a free minor is therefore not recommended. Should you nevertheless choose to do so, you will need to submit a well-founded application to the Board of Examiners of your own Bachelor’s degree programme.  This demands a high degree of independence and ample preparation time. Please note: it is not possible to simply join individual minor subjects without the prior permission of the coordinator of the minor. You should also take note of the requirements set by the degree programme itself. Personal timetables can be compiled in BlackBoard via the ‘My Student Info’ tab, under ‘My Timetable’. The timetables will be finalised by mid-August.

11.  I would like to do a second minor or certain components of a minor.
Students registrating for a minor for the first time are given priority status over students who have already completed a minor previously. If you want to enroll for a second minor, you will need permission from your own Bachelor's degree progamme's Board of Examinors. Once you have written permission from them, send an e-mail to minors@remove-this.tudelft.nl. If there is a place available in your chosen minor, you will be registered by us and subsequently informed of this. Please note: placement is only possible after August 15 and only when there are still places available in the minor.

12.    Do I always need to enrol for two minors in the pre-enrolment period until 1 June?

No, you can choose to state only your first-choice minor during the first enrolment period. If you are entered on the waiting list for that minor, you can then decide to choose a different minor during the second enrolment period.

13.    If I a placed on the waiting list for the minor I've chosen during the first registration period, where can I check on which spot on the waiting list I sit and what the chances of me being placed are?
Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to give you more information about your waiting list status. This is because we are solely dependent on students who are already placed but might opt out.

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