Academic and career counselling

Your time as a student is a highly intensive part of your life. You are developing in many ways and in many areas, not only with regard to your degree programme and your career, but also personally. TU Delft aims to give you the best possible support (for up to a year after unenrolment) in a range of different issues that you may encounter as a student or PhD candidate.

Here you will find details of the different services available to you. They are offered both within and outside the faculty. We work together as a team, so wherever you turn for assistance, we will always find the most suitable way to help you.

Within the faculty

In your own faculty, you can enlist the services of academic counsellors.

Outside the faculty: Career & Counselling Services

Outside the faculty, you can contact Career & Counselling Services (Education & Student Affairs, building 30a). This includes all the services offered by the TU Delft Career Centre, the Psychologists and the Central Student Counsellors. They also offer workshops and training courses, and can put you in touch with a study buddy.

Combining your studies with top-class sport

TU Delft provides special facilities that make it possible to combine top-level sporting activities with studying for a degree.

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