Assess Yourself

The first step towards making a sound career decision is to understand yourself and be clear about what motivates you, your values, interests, personality and skills. Awareness of these will help you clarify the key criteria that a future career path needs to fulfil.

Don’t be tempted to ‘fast forward’ to applying to jobs because understanding what you can offer an employer and why you are interested in a particular type of career can help you make the most effective job applications.

Completing the “Assess yourself” section will enable you to:

  • Create a profile of the skills you have developed through your academic studies
  • Create a profile of your transferable skills
  • Identify your strengths
  • Explore your personality and talk about your styles of behaviour and preferences
  • Interests
  • Understand the role that values play in your life, reflect upon your own values and relate your values to your career decisions
  • Achievements
  • Barriers
  • Accomplishment stories (STAR technique)
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