Inspirational Career Stories

Careers stories of TU Delft Alumni offers personal insight and inspiration of the experiences and decisions they found significant. Check out the stories below:

TU Delft - Meet our alumni – Anurag: from MSc student to Architect in NL

TU Delft - Meet our alumni – Marta: from PhD To polymer specialist in NL

Anurag currently works as an Architect and Parametric Design Specialist at Amsterdam based Zwarts & Jansma Architects. He tells about living in The Netherlands, how he adapted to Dutch culture and shares his experiences on ensuring a smooth transition to the Dutch labour market.

Marta currently works as a polymer specialist in a company called Incotec with its headquarters located in Enkhuizen, The Netherlands. She shares her experience of being a student and how TU Delft helped her to prepare for a professional career and in finding a job.

TU Delft - Meet our Assistant Professor - Amineh and her career in academia

TU Delft - Meet our alumni - Jonas: developing algorithms to fight breast cancer

Assistant Professor Amineh Ghorbani tells more about herself, her thesis “structuring Socio-technical Complexity” and what she thinks a person needs for an academic career. She sees an academic career as a tree with different leaves, where one branch is publication.

In high school Jonas Teuwen (alumnus TU Delft) was terrible at math. But he ultimately graduated in Mathematics at TU Delft. His fascination came from the drive to understand. Jonas now develops techniques which automatically read the scans of mammographies, to make screening a lot more efficient and faster.

TU Delft – Meet our alumni – Judith:

Innovation manager at Hoogheemraadschap Delft

TU Delft - Meet our alumni - Jasper Dijkstra:

from PhD to research advisor at Deltares

Judith Kappersma, TU Delft's alumni, works as an innovation manager at the Hoogheemraadschap Delft. After graduating from TU Delft, she started her job and found it very interesting to experience innovation on all levels within an organization. Her advice is that if you do not necessarily aspire an academic career, first start working and then investigate what opportunities are out there.

Jasper talks about how growing up in Zeeland and playing around the port motivated him to choose his current career path. He throws a light on his research work concerning the use of natural resources like seagrass to study its impact on the environment and the ports. Finally, he also compares his research work during the PhD and the more solution focussed consulting work he currently does as an advisor at Deltares.

TU Delft – Meet our alumni – Wido:

Faculty of Architecture & the Built Environment


TU Delft - Meet our alumni - Shi Wei:

from PhD to Area Manager at Royal IHC

Wido is currently doing research and teaching activities at the faculty of architecture. He shares his childhood experiences with wood-working and crafting, and how it inspired him to choose a career in architecture. He also reflects on the importance of writing an academic research in English as compared to any other language and talks about the focus of architectural research in TU Delft which is more applied than just being fundamental.

Shi works as the Area Manager China at Royal IHC. He talks about the importance of theoretical knowledge you gain in a university and how does it reflect in your work at an industry. He also talks about how he made a decision to go for a PhD at TU Delft and how it helped him to live his childhood dream of making a good career in the commercial sector..

TU Delft – Meet our alumna – Raha Badinrad:

Delivery Team Lead at Shell


Raha currently works as the Delivery Team Lead at Shell. She talks about her career journey, which involved a lot of ups and downs. Raha shares her story of how she kept herself motivated in some tough times and how she kept educating herself to remain on top of her field of work. She believes that life is a function of decisions and not conditions, and talks about how it helped her in shaping as a successful professional.

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