Meet the Team

Careers Counsellor

Monique Draijer

Available: Tue-Thur-Fri

Monique is designated careers counsellor for the Graduate School. She is also an expert on the guidance of people diagnosed with autism spectrum conditions. Her background is in Educational Psychology and on her career path she fulfilled several roles in recruitment, educational advice and counselling.



Studychoice/Careers Counsellor

Mary Zuiderwijk

Available: Mon-Tue-Wed-Thur

Mary specialises in advising students on study options. She has presented many workshops on study choices, rethinking study options, or looking for the best Master to apply for.



Careers Counsellor

Claire Visée

Available: Mon-Tue-Wed-Thur-Fri

Claire is a TU Delft alum herself, she understands what it means to be an engineer and what it entails to enter today’s labour market. Next to providing careers advice, she is also our company liaison.



Careers Counsellor

Bud Bickes

Available: Thur

Bud has over 30 years of experience in education and career guidance. Core Qualities and Core Quadrants are among his specialties. He has worked with graduates, PhDs and postdocs at several universities in The Netherlands and abroad.



Careers Counsellor

Margaret Welten

Available: Mon-Tue-Wed.

Margaret supports PhDs taking stock and defining “what’s needed” in terms of their career. She  is an experienced Human Resources professional and latterly trained to specialise in coaching. Margaret is an international and fully understands the challenges working and living in an international environment brings.




Careers Counsellor

Iliana Yocheva

Available: Tue-Thur-Fri

Iliana has experience working in both the educational and the corporate sectors, latterly employed as Graduate Global Development Coordinator at Shell. Having graduated with a MSc in Biology where she specialised in Hydrobiology and water purification, she later trained as a therapeutic counsellor. Being international and having walked the path of professional realisation herself, she now supports the TU Delft students as Career Counsellor.






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