The term deficiencies refers to the elements that are missing from a student’s previous studies but are mandatory for taking examinations in the degree courses. Prospective students may have deficiencies in mathematics, physics and in some degree courses in chemistry and biology as well. Deficiencies need to be eliminated before 1 September of the year in which you enroll.

  • The deadline for bridging programmes of Architecture and Industrial Design is 31 December, see the hbo-website. If you want to follow a Bridging Programme, then English can be a deficiency.
  • When you made a request for Enrolent for one of the lotery studies, deficiencies need to be eliminated before 15 July. See the website for more information.

A certified copy * of the result(s) need to be in possession of the Central Student Administration, Jaffalaan 9a, 2628 BX Delft before 1 October.

Several institutions offer courses to prepare for this, for example preliminary examsBoswell-BètaKorteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics and Wismon.

Please take plenty of time to contact the institutions for information or for registering a course . 

For English you can contact for example
(An English certificate may not be older than 2 years)

* A certified copy of the diploma or certificate is a copy bearing an original certification stamp and a signature or initials from the institution of education. You can have a certified copy prepared by your own institution or by the municipality. It is also possible to take the original document to the CSA service desk and to obtain a certified copy there.  

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