Proof of Enrolment

As confirmation of your enrolment you will receive the Notice of Enrolment, at the latest within one month of meeting the enrolment requirements but not earlier than mid-August. If you have still not received the Proof of Enrolment and the tuition fees have still not been debited from your account by September 25, then you should contact the Central Student Administration as soon as possible and in any case before 1 October.

Study address
The Proof of Enrolment is sent to your correspondence address in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg.  When you have another foreing address, the Proof of Enrolment will be sent as soon as you have entered your Dutch adrress in Studielink.
Always check the Proof of Enrolment on receipt to ensure that the stated data are correct. If you think that the stated period of enrolment is not correct then contact the Central Student Administration as soon as possible.

Should the Proof of Enrolment be lost or damaged then you can apply for a duplicate from the Central Student Information. A duplicated Proof of Enrolment costs €3. In case of theft you don't have to pay for a duplicate. Please bring the police report with you.
Once you have met the enrolment requirements you will be issued with a student card.





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