Graduation Support Scheme

General conditions

TU Delft recognises a very wide range of administrative activities as grounds for financial compensation through the Graduation Support Scheme (RAS). TU Delft considers it important that students who carry out administrative activities be (partially) compensated for this financially. Administrative activities are taken to mean:

  • Membership of the Student Council (central or at the faculty level), membership of the board of a degree programme or of a Board of Studies as well as membership of the board of a foundation that has the purpose of running student facilities or of a body that in the judgement of the Executive Board has the same status.
  • Other circumstances to be determined by the board of the institution in which the persons in question conduct activities related to the organisation and the management of the institution.
  • According to the judgement of the board of the institution: the membership of the board of a student organisation of significant size with full legal rights.

The university assigns a previously defined number of ‘guarantee months’ to the administrative activities, with a maximum of 18 months for a full-time administrative activity. 

It is possible to apply for a RAS-certificate. This certificate contains the administrative activities you carried out during your study. This information can be useful  for your Curriculum Vitea and to show the reason of the delay in your study program.

The certificate can be asked for at the Central Studenten administration (CSa) by sending an e-mail to in attention of RAS-certificate. Write down you name, studentnumber and the address where it can be sent to.

Academic counsellor

To begin with, you as a student should contact the academic counsellor of your degree programme or faculty. The academic counsellor will provide information and advice on the possibilities for financial support and the necessary procedures.

In the event of termination or temporary termination of your studies you are personally responsible for notifying other bodies such as the DUO correctly and in good time; this with regard to student grants and loans and the public transport season ticket.

To learn more about all the provisions of the Graduation Support Scheme (RAS) please consult the Student Charter or contact the Central Student Administration. You can download the application form here or collect it from the Central Student Administration or your academic counsellor.

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