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Course descriptions

In every bachelor and master curriculum there is room for elective courses. Electives are stand alone courses of 2 to 10 ECTS.

Below the electives open to all students A.; for electives open only to students of the own faculty see B.

A.Electives open for all TU Delft students

B.Electives for students of the own faculty
The course descriptions are from the Digital Study Guide. By using the search engine you can find course descriptions in different ways.

Enrolment and exam regulations

You can usually enrol for subjects on Blackboard. Take note! In many cases you also have to enrol for a specific class at a specific time within Blackboard, using Grouptool. Special teaching and examination regulations have been drawn up for service teaching. They only apply to optional subjects, not to the core subjects of a project, which are covered in the teaching and examination regulations of the programme in question.

For the Architecture elective courses you have to apply by sending a email to Architecture students don't need to do this for the Architecture elective coureses, they have to enroll via the enrollment programme (BIS).

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