Deadlines 2017-2018

2 May 2017: Minor Event. Register here

3 until 31 May 2017: 1st registration window minors in Osiris. External students can only register during this period.

1 July until 31 July 2017: 2nd register window minors in Osiris. Beware: only for minors which are still available after the drawing of lots during the 1st registration window. Overview closed minors

Minor Enrolment

Register your preference for two minors via OSIRIS Student between 3 May and  31 May. The order of which you register your preference does not influence your chances of being selected for a minor. A lottery will take place at the end of June. You will receive an e-mail stating for which minor you have been either registered or placed on a waiting list. Please note: following placement after the lottery, the second preference will be cancelled. The second minor registration period is open from 1 July up to and including 31 July. You have the opportunity to opt for another minor if:

  • you were not placed in the minor through the lottery
  • you were not selected for a selection minor
  • owing to insufficient registration, the minor has been cancelled

Placement during the second registration period takes place in order of registration. No lottery is therefore held. If you were placed for a minor but subsequently decide not to participate, please deregister as soon as possible by sending a mail to This makes room for other students on the waiting list.

Note: Do not register if you have participated in a minor before and have not finished it yet.

Procedure selection minors
Some minors require admission by means of selection by the Minor Coordinator. For these minors you must also register during the 1st registration period. If you registrate for a selection minor, it will be treated as your first choice. The selection minors are not included in the lottery and may have deadlines different from those applicable to first registration period. You can find more information on the selection procedure in the relevant minor description at available minors.

Procedure in regard to second minor
Students registering for the first time for a minor take precedence over students who have already completed a minor. Do you want to follow a second minor? Then you will need approval of the board of examiners. Send an mail to afterwards. You will be registered by the Student Administration office but only after 15 August and provided there are still places available.

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