Deadlines 2017-2018

2 May 2017: Minor Event. Register here

3 until 31 May 2017: 1st registration window minors in Osiris. External students can only register during this period.

1 July until 31 July 2017: 2nd register window minors in Osiris. Beware: only for minors which are still available after the drawing of lots during the 1st registration window. Overview closed minors

Minor Information

There are two different types of minors: a thematic minor or an individual minor. Thematic minor is a combination of courses designed around a specific topic, such as sustainability or robotics. The individual minor can be used to follow a transfer minor, international experience or a free minor. It can consist of a range of different educational components: lectures, tutorials, projects, research assignments and/or an internship. 

1. Thematic Minor

A minor is a coherent package of subjects forming a kind of mini-degree programme in itself. They are broad, multidisciplinary minor programmes, often cared for by several faculties. If you want to start a thematic minor you are required to register via Osiris. Several of these minors are open to students from other universities. Find out which on our detailed minor overview.

2. Individual composite Minor

The space allotted for the minor can sometimes be used to meet a student’s individual wishes, e.g. preparing to switch to a different Master’s programme or acquire international and/or working experience. It is even possible to compile a free choice minor. This does require a degree of independence and ample preparation on the part of the student. Take notice: at the TU Delft you can only follow individual minor courses with permission of the minor coordinator. Please also take into account the requirements of the actual degree programme.

    1. Free minor / Bridging Minor
      This is a minor that you compile yourself  by combining study elements of your choice. A free minor must consist of a coherent programme of subjects offered by an accredited institute of higher education at third-year level. The Board of Examiners of your degree programme decides whether to grant permission to include your free minor in your Bachelor’s programme. Notify them about at least two months prior to starting the minor with the 'Application for Approval of Free Minor'.

      A bridging minor offers students the possibility of admission to a Master’s programme other than their general Master's (the Master’s degree programme in the same discipline as their Bachelor’s degree programme);
    2. Special minor / Study Abroad minor
      Several faculties offer you the possibility of gaining practical or international experience by choosing an internship or Study abroad minor. At all faculties it is possible to design your own international minor and apply to the Board of Examiners to do this as a free minor;

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