Deadlines 2017-2018

2 May 2017: Minor Event. Register here

3 until 31 May 2017: 1st registration window minors in Osiris. External students can only register during this period.

1 July until 31 July 2017: 2nd register window minors in Osiris. Beware: only for minors which are still available after the drawing of lots during the 1st registration window. Overview closed minors

LDE Minors


Minors for Leiden, Delft & Erasmus students

What does the LDE collaboration mean?

Leiden University, TU Delft and Erasmus University Rotterdam collaborate closely regarding the minor education. 33% of the minor places available at the universities are reserved during May for students from the other two universities. With this collaboration it has become a lot easier for students from Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam to participate in a minor at the other two universities. Moreover, the amount of minors you can choose from has increased considerably.

An LDE-minor

You can also choose to participate in a special LDE-minor. The education of this interdisciplinary minor has a specific and relevant societal focus and is taught by tutors from Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam. When you choose to sign up for a LDE-minor, you will have the chance to collaborate with students of all three universities, in all three cities. This academic year you can choose from the minors:

From Delft to Leiden or Rotterdam

In order to study in a Leiden or Erasmus minor as TU Delft student, you need to take the following steps:

1. Check the admission requirements in the minor overview EU and UL for TU Delft students. Pay attention, in Leiden the courses of several minors are spread over the entire year, instead of clustered in the first semester like at the TU Delft. Look at the e-studyguide of Leiden University for more specific information. Minors at the Erasmus University Rotterdam are all 15 ECTS. To gain the other 15 ECTS, see step 5.

2. Register at the university that offers the minor of your choice. Registration is only possible between 1 and 31 May. For the procedures see the websites of the EUR and Leiden University.

Registration at:

What to do?

Leiden University

Fill out the online registration form at the minor website of Leiden University

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Fill out the online registration form at the minor website of the Erasmus University Rotterdam

TU Delft students can only apply for 1 minor at a partner university. Besides that, you can put down your three preferential minors at the TU Delft. When you are selected for a minor at one of the other LDE universities, the preferences of TU Delft students in Osiris are automatically deleted.

Exception: Placement for a selecion minor at the EUR and TU Delft stands above the application for a minor at another LDE university. Leiden University has no selection minors. You will receive information regarding your placement by the end of June.

3. Make sure to have an active bachelor registration at the TU Delft before 1 September.

4. Arrange your registration as a guest student at the LDE University where you will study, to get access to the education, exams and student services (Blackboard, campus card, etc).

  • For the LDE-minors Responsible Innovation, Geo-resources for the future and Frugal Innovation you need an active registration at all three LDE universities: TU Delft, Leiden University and Erasmus University Rotterdam.
  • For the LDE-minor Security, Safety and Justice (SSJ) you need an active registration at the TU Delft and Leiden University.

LDE University where I have been placed

What to do (besides registration)

Leiden University

You don't have to do anything. 

Erasmus University Rotterdam

You will get the request to upload a photo to complete your application as guest student. Upload this picture before 1 September. Otherwise you cannot be registered.

5. Minors at the EUR constitute to 15 EC in total. TU Delft students are obliged to complete 30 EC during their minor period. The options for doing electives at EUR are extremely limited and it is not possible to do two EUR minors. Consequently, we advise you to fill in the remaining 15 EC with electives at TU Delft. To do so you need prior permission from your Board of Examiners. On the 'Flexible Minor Request form', fill in the electives and the EUR minor of your choice.

From Leiden or Rotterdam to Delft

Interested in a minor at TU Delft? See our minor overview for more information about our minors. As a student from Leiden or Rotterdam you are allowed to sign up for one minor at the TU Delft. After the registration you can no longer swith to another minor at the TU Delft. When you, as an EUR student are selected for a selection minor at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, your registration for a minor at the TU Delft is cancelled.

If you'd like to study in a TU Delft minor, make sure to arrange for an enrolment via Studielink at the TU Delft BSc programme which operates the minor. When applying in Studielink, select no at the 'Start in the first year' option. You can then select the programme with which you would like to follow the minor. After this application, you'll receive a TU Delft student number, which you'll need for further minor application at TU Delft.

With that student number, fill out the online application form. This form will be available on this web page starting May 1. We remind you that external students can only apply for a minor at TU Delft between May 1 and May 31.

You'll find practical information on courses, our campus and facilities at If you are placed for a minor at TU Delft but choose not to come, deregister via




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