Do you have questions about exam registration? Send an e-mail to the examdesk.

Registration for examinations

Registration process

You can register from 56 calendar days up to 14 calendar days before the start of the relevant exam. With this registration, you reserve a place as it were in the exam hall.

An exam taken by a student who did not register will not be graded.

You register as follows:

  • Students register via Osiris and check Osiris if the registration went correctly.
  • Students who cannot register via Osiris because of a specific reason, like PhD'ers, can register via tentamenloket@remove-this.tudelft.nl. (English: examdesk@remove-this.tudelft.nl)
  • Students bring their campus card, exam ticket and valid ID to the exam

Checking your registration

After you have registered, you can check Osiris if the registration went correctly. At Osiris you can find the tab "Overview registrations" when you access "Register" . This tab contains all the examinations for which you have registered. At the start of the exam the invigilator will check if you are registered on the basis of your campus card and exam ticket. 

The exam ticket

After you successfully register for your exam in Osiris, you will receive your exam ticket. Bring this ticket with you to the exam hall, either in print or on your mobile device. Depending on the specific exam hall, the invigilator will check the validity of your exam registration with this ticket. Lost your exam ticket? You can download a new one from Osiris.


If you decide not to take an exam, you can cancel your registration in Osiris up to 3 days before the exam. Cancelled slots will be filled by fellow students on the waiting list. By cancelling your registration, you thus make a slot available for a fellow student.

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