Elective projects

On this webpage you will find an overview of all (Architecture approved) Master 2 design projects, with examples of student work and information about the project. The webpage is intended for students of all tracks. Many Architecture approved design projects can be taken by students from other tracks or are actually targeted to students from other tracks.


  • AR0018 Tools for technical building Design
  • AR0026 MEGA
  • AR0032 Design and Research Output
  • AR0052 Beyond Oil Goes Philadelphia
  • AR0067 Architecture & Urban Design
  • AR0225 The Urban (Re)Development Game
  • AR0850 HYPERBODY |Interactive Robotics
  • AR2MET010 Transdisciplinary Encounters: New Tools and Strategies


  • AR0077 What if?
    From superbig to supersmall, scenarios that change (y)our world, (y)our city, (y)block, (y)our home, (y)ourselves
  • AR0148 Landscape Architecture ON site; being part of the Oerol festival 2017
  • AR0681 Heritage & Architecture Design Studio: Research and Architectural Design
  • AR0896 Van Gezel tot Meester
  • AR1CP010 Master 1 Landmark Studio
  • AR2AI010 Thinking through Making
  • AR2AP012 On Site – Design Research in Emerging contexts
  • AR2CP010 Master 2 In Cities


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