Copie-Sjop provides the services in the print shop of BK City. In the Copie-Sjop you can find everything you need regarding print work: printing, plotting, laminating, textile prints and similar orders.

Student rates

Copie-Sjop BK City has special rates for all TU Delft students. On presentation of a so-called Reproticket these special student rates will hold in the Copie-Sjop office on Westvest 47 in the city centre of Delft as well. A Reproticket is a card, which serves as proof of being a TU Delft student, giving you the right to print at student rates in office in the city centre as well.

Click here for the student rates of Copie-Sjop BK City.


You can apply for your Reproticket via Fill in the online application form and Copie-Sjop will send you a message when your Reproticket is available in Copie-Sjop BK City. The Reproticket costs €10,= and will be valid for 2 years. You will have earned these euros back after only one time of plotting. 

TAKE NOTE – In Copie-Sjop BK City you don’t need to submit a Reproticket to be able to print at special student rates. In the Copie-Sjop office in the city centre you do.

Opening hours

Copie-Sjop BK City has the following opening hours:
Monday – Friday  8.00 – 17.30 hrs.
During peak hours Copie-Sjop BK City will be open until 10 PM.

The Copie-Sjop office in the city centre has longer opening hours:
Monday – Friday  7.30 – 24.00 hrs.
Sunday    12.00 – 24.00 hrs.

Printing from home

You are able to print from home via an online order system at


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