AHN (the current elevation map of the Netherlands)

The AHN is available in various file formats that can be used only within a GIS. If you lack access to a GIS, the Map Room can assist you in making analyses and 2D/3D visualisations.

.agr is an (arc/info) ascii grid file that can be imported by various GIS software programmes including ArcView (with Spatial and/or 3D Analyst) and GRASS. The header provides information about the number of rows and columns, the coordinate of the first point (lower left) and the dimensions of 1 grid cell. The data is arranged in rows separated by returns.

.e00 is an ESRI compressed interchange file.

.xyz is a file in which the data is arranged in three columns. The x, y and z values are given for each cell. This file can be loaded into AudoCad by using a lisp routine (supplied with the data) developed by the Survey Department, after which optional modules such as QuickSurf can be used to generate wireframes and contour lines.

Information about the AHN


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