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XXL opening hours and weekend opening:

18 January 2018

Due to the upcoming exam period BK City will have XXL-opening hours. Check below on what times you can find your way to the faculty: Continue


Clearing lockers and studios

08 January 2018

In the Oostserre and all studios, the Faculty’s cleaning crew will start emptying and cleaning the lockers and studios from Monday 5 February. Therefore, please make sure that your studio and locker is empty before Friday 2 February. Any materials and belongings that students and staff leave behind in the studios and lockers will be thrown away.Continue


‘Parking’ pilot

21 November 2017

In order to reduce the parking problems on TU Delft campus, Architecture and the Built Environment is conducting a ‘parking’ pilot. At certain times from 4 December until 30 March, the car parks at both East and West will be accessible exclusively to holders of TU Delft campus cards and visitors to TU Delft. All active TU Delft campus cards will be read automatically. Continue


ICT Maintenance Weekends

14 September 2017

For the academic year 2017-2018 four ICT maintenance weekends have been planned.Continue

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