‘Parking’ pilot

21 November 2017 by Communication BK

In order to reduce the parking problems on TU Delft campus, Architecture and the Built Environment is conducting a ‘parking’ pilot. At certain times from 4 December until 30 March, the car parks at both East and West will be accessible exclusively to holders of TU Delft campus cards and visitors to TU Delft. All active TU Delft campus cards will be read automatically.

Parking assistants

At the East car park, there will be a barrier and a parking assistant. At the West car park, there will be a parking assistant only. Until 30 March 2018, the parking assistants will be on hand at times when research is being conducted in order to answer any questions and provide assistance. 

Access with campus card

At the start of December, a barrier will be installed at the existing entrance to the East car park. To ease traffic flow, we ask you to have your campus card ready when entering. Until the Christmas vacation, the barrier will be operated by a parking assistant who will open it when the campus card is shown. From 2 January, a pass reader will be linked to the barrier. 


Access will be regulated between the hours of 08:00 and 15:00, After 15.00, the barrier will be lifted, enabling anyone to gain access. At the end of January, this time will change to 17:00. From 23 December until 1 January, the barrier will remain open due to the Christmas vacation. It is possible to leave the car parks without a campus card at any time.


During this period, you can register visitors via the secretary's office. The secretaries will receive a separate instruction e-mail about this procedure. 

Number plate recognition

A camera will be installed to read the registration numbers of all cars entering and leaving the car parks. This will measure the parking duration and origin of the car. This data will not be linked to any other data or stored and will of course be subject to privacy legislation.


An evaluation will be conducted at the end of the pilot. Based on that, TU Delft and the municipality will consult on the follow-up measures necessary to achieve a parking system that works effectively for both the campus and Delft.


On 28 November the Municipality of Delft is expected to formally give permission for the execution of the pilot.


If you have any questions about parking at the faculty, please contact the Service Desk at servicepunt-bk@remove-this.tudelft.nl 

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