Closure of Oostserre, East Wing, BK Street and Main Entrance to BK City

22 June 2017 by Communication BK

This summer, sections of the floor in BK City will be repaired. The Oostserre and BK Street will therefore be inaccessible from 10 July to 18 August. The main entrance will be closed, and the temporary main entrance will be next to the Espresso bar.

A revised map is available from the Service Desk, and will also be published on the website early in July.

BK Street  

The BK Street will be closed from 10 July to 18 August.  The easiest way to walk from east to west within the faculty is via the first floor. 

East Wing & Department of Architecture

With the exception of the Deans’ Wing, the East Wing will be closed from 17 July to 18 August.  The Department of Architecture is only accessible from outside, via the stairwell adjacent to the Bouwpub. 

Oostserre & Espresso bar

The Espresso bar will remain open, and will be accessible via the eastern entrance.  The passageway through the Oostserre will also remain accessible. The orange floor and the platform in the Oostserre will not be accessible.

Accessibility of departments in West Wing and Berlage Rooms

The departments on the western side of the building will be accessible from the rear, using the additional entrance doors via the West car park and from inside, via the first floor.  The Berlage Rooms will not be accessible from inside the building. 

Zuidserre and Ketelhuis

From 10 July, the Zuidserre and Ketelhuis will only be accessible via both outside entrances in the Zuidserre.  The indoor entrance via the BK Street will be closed As is customary, the restaurant in the Ketelhuis will be closed throughout the summer. 

Service Desk

The Service Desk will relocate temporarily to BG Oost 220 on 10 July.

Facilities in the BK Street

The Copie-Sjop and Bouwshop will remain open until 14 July and can be accessed via the East Wing.  As is customary, they will then be closed for the summer.   Bnieuws, @Hok and FSR will temporarily only be available online Stylos will temporarily relocate to BG West 270/290 from 3 July.

The renovations will be completed on 21 August, and all areas will once again be accessible to all.  View the BK City holiday opening hours here.


Noise and dust are an inevitable consequence of building and renovation work. While every effort will be made to minimise inconvenience, unfortunately some level of disruption may be experienced. We ask for everyone’s understanding in this regard.


Please contact the Service Desk if you have any further questions.

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