The goal of the FSC

"The most important goal of the FSC is to maintain contacts between the students and the university and to strive, where possible, to implement the wishes of the students regarding education, housing and facilities."

AS Faculty Student Council

The 2016/2017 student council of the Faculty of Applied Sciences consists of five departments with a total of nine members. Below you can find an overview of the departments and their members.

Department of Applied Physics (BSc & MSc)

  1. Mels Habold
  2. Thierry Meerbothe

Department of Chemical Engineering (BSc & MSc)

  1. Jelmar Hillebrink
  2. Jeannine Frijns

Department of Life Science & Technology (BSc & MSc)

  1. Lisa Büller
  2. Ainhoa Uribarren

Department of Science Education & Communication (MSc)

  1. Marit Smeets

Department of Nanobiology (BSc & MSc)

  1. David Garcia van Bijsterveld
  2. Aïsha Mientjes

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