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Going abroad?

Studying and internships abroad

Why go abroad?

Studying abroad is a challenge!

  • It offers you the opportunity to live in another country and to get to know another culture.
  • You will also experience how students in another country live and study.
  • It enhances your prospects in the labour market through gaining international experience.
  • It broadens your perception of your field of study through following courses or doing projects not offered by TU Delft.
  • It strengthens your language skills and sharpens your social and cultural skills.

TU Delft and the faculty of Applied Sciences offer students the possibility to spend a period of their degree programme abroad. This can be as an exchange student at a university, for example, for an internship or for part of a project or final project. Experience abroad is seen as beneficial to your university education and personal development.
This is why the faculty of Applied Sciences wants to encourage students in gaining experience abroad and to support them as well as possible.

Step-by-step plan for studying and doing an internship abroad

Use the step-by-step-plan below to find out what your options are for studying or doing an internship abroad. Click on the squares to go to the next stage of the step-by-step plan.

Study Abroad experiences

Read more about how other students experienced their study abroad period.

Eleonoor Verlinden
Minor - Sweden

A.P. Mijle
Intern - London

Maaike Dielwart
Minor - Norway

Just van der Wolf
Minor - USA

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