Study facilities


You can find lockers of the faculty of Applied Sciences on the following locations:

  • Applied Physics (B22): A050, A150, F301.
  • Applied Sciences (B58): A1.090, A1.150, A2.050, A2.110
  • RID: not applicable

For the use, please see "Procedure lockers" (in Dutch)

With some regularity the lockers are opened, to prevent students from holding a locker too long. A warning is timely given.

Rooms (PC workspace)

With Workspace Availability Service (WAS) is hunting for unoccupied PC workspace no longer necessary. From now on everyone can see on a special webpage which computer rooms have enough PCs available. Please look at This service covers all the student PCs on TU Delft campus. You can also consult WAS via your smart phone (via the web link) to find an unoccupied PC. Please note: not all Applied Sciences-specific software is available on all PCs on the TU Delft campus.

(Self) Study rooms

  • Applied Physics (B22): A304, A201, A203, A207, A170, A168, A166, A164, A151, A153, A155, A112, F104, A005, A009, A013.
  • Applied Sciences (B58):  Tuinkamer, Atrium, boven Kronigzaal,  C1.110, C1.150, C1.190, B2.100, B2.160, A1.090, A1.150, A2.110, A2.050
  • RID: 1.00.060

The TU Delft Library offers a number of well equipped project rooms. These rooms can accommodate up to 10 people. They can be reserved at the Servicedesk of the TU Delft Library.

Opening hours 


Applied Physics (B22)

Applied Sciences (B58)


zie openingstijden gebouw 22

zie openingstijden gebouw 58

Campus card

Campus cards can be requested at the servicedesk of O&S on Jaffalaan 9A. See also campus card request.   

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