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Binding recommendation on continuation of studies (BSA)

Personal circumstances justifying postponement of the Binding recommendation on continuation of studies (BSA) for current students

BSA means that you will have to attain 45 credits in your first year in order to continue with your studies.

Personal circumstances however may occur that have an adverse effect on your study performance. You need to inform your academic counsellor as soon as possible about these circumstances as soon as they occur. Your academic counsellor will discuss with you whether these circumstances have indeed had an effect on your study performance and whether you can request postponement of the BSA from the BSA Committee. You might have to arrange for a declaration from the university doctor and/or psychologist.

Postponement of the binding recommendation on continuation of studies can be requested on the grounds of the following personal circumstances:

a. Illness (including mental health problems)

b. Disability

c. Exceptional family circumstances

d. Pregnancy

e. Membership of the Faculty Student Council, the Central Student Council or the Board of Studies

f. Late registration for studies (after 30 September)

g. Athletes with a TUD top-class sports status

It should be noted that personal circumstances do not automatically lead to postponement of the BSA!

Postponement of the BSA means that you will have to earn 45 ECTS credits from the first-year curriculum taken during your second study year, in addition to any ECTS credits already earned. Once you have attained your first-year diploma or Propedeutic Phase, you will have complied with the BSA requirement.

Application for postponement

Applications for postponement of the BSA on the grounds of personal circumstances can be made to the BSA Committee at any time during the academic year, but no later than June 19th 2017. So please apply also when the results of Quarter 4 are not in yet!

Please contact the academic counsellor about the procedure and the essential documents. Please note that there is a waiting period for getting a declaration from the student psychologist or physician.

The next meeting of the BSA Committee will be on June 8, 2017. Please send your request before June 1, 12h 2017!

Please send all your documents digitally, in one e-mail, to Melanie Holtzapffel : M.T.B.Holtzapffel@tudelft.nl

Details of the academic counsellors of the Faculty Civil Engineering and Geosciences can be found here. More information about the BSA you can find on this page.

Please note that the hearings of the BSA committee are scheduled on July 10th and 11th 2017.  



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