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Minors Civil Engineering & Geosciences (CEG)

The faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences offers also minors in English, the other minors are available in Dutch.

I would like to do a minor at the TU
I would like to do a minor abroad (see here under)
I would like to do a minor at another Dutch university (see here under)
I would like to conduct a free minor (see here under)

A minor at another Dutch university
It is possible to do your minor at another university in the Netherlands. You can search for them on the universities own websites. If you would like to do a minor at another Dutch university, you must take into account that this must be a pre-determined minor of 30 credits. In case of a pre-determined minor, the Board of Examiners does not have to approve your minor. When you have finished your minor, you need to send an official transscript of record to our administration (osa-citg@remove-this.tudelft.nl). Your gradelist will then be converted into OSIRIS. Please note: if you would like to do a minor of less than 30 credits you need to complement your minor with other courses. In this case you need to apply for a free minor

Minor abroad
The faculty offers several places to obtain your minor at a partner university. See Brightspace.tudelft.nl, organisation Student and Internation Office CEG.

Free Minor
In the last year of your bachelor programme you are allowed to compose your own minor: the free minor.  The courses of a free minor can be followed at TU Delft, but also at another university (abroad). The Board of Examiners has to give permission for a free minor.

The Board of Examiners only grants permission for a free minor if all following requirements are met:
1. The group of courses must be worth at least 30 credits (ECTS); and
2. The courses must be offered as part of a university’s Bachelor programme (this can be at TU Delft or another university in The Netherlands); and
3. The courses must be at third year bachelors level; and
4. The course content should be interrelated and linked by a common theme; and
5. The theme must represent clear added value to the student’s portfolio, i.e. be an extension of the student’s primary discipline or be an academic pursuit into a related or completely new field. There should be no overlap with the compulsory major.

Submitting your request
If you meet all the above mentioned requirements, it is likely that you will be granted permission for a free minor. Please send the free minor form in one PDF-file digitally to BoardofExaminers-CEG@tudelft.nl



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