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Civil Engineering and Geosciences offers talented and motivated students the opportunity both to invest more time in their own area of study and to broaden their horizon at the same time. If you feel ready to take on an extra challenge, wish to broaden your horizon beyond your regular course of studies, and have good grades in the first quarter (P1) of your MSc program (average of at least 7.5), the Honours Programme Master (HPM) may provide just that for you!

The main aim of the Honours Programme Master is to develop talent and initiative. There are different HP programs within CEG, including specific programs for TIL and the interdisciplinary Infrastructure and Environment HP. All MSc Honours Programs consists of 20 EC, with 15 EC focusing on CEG issues and 5 EC focusing on overarching questions on technology and society.

Students who fulfil the requirements and are interested in the Honours Programme Master can send their application to the programme coordinator together with an essay in English, containing their motivation and a proposal for the programme. The programme has to be approved by a scientific staff member and the programme coordinator.

The Honours Programme Master has to be completed during the course of the student's Master's programme.

Apply now! The application form can be found here. If you are interested, please contact your faculty contact person: Maurits Ertsen at m.w.ertsen@remove-this.tudelft.nl or find him in room 4.81.


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