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Welcome to the Student and International Office of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences (CEG).

Let's introduce ourselves!

My name is Maaike Kraeger-Holland and I am international exchange coordinator and assistant internship coordinator.

I am Chantal van Woggelum and together with Maaike I am working on all things concerning exchange, as well as some other things.

We hope that you enjoy your stay in Delft!

In case of any questions or problems concerning your exchange period, please do not hesitate to contact us!

My Erasmus Experience

Stephenie Ritchie
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Michelle Rudolph
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Jonas Riteco
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Annamaria Haag

Emma Holm

Ana Page Risueño
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Ebba Sundberg
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Patrick Quasten
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Newsletter June 2017


We very much would like to invite you for our international welcome meetings.
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Important things to know

Useful information about your stay and study in Delft. Read more>>


Historic Delft

Delft has a very beautiful old city centre and it is really worth while to visit the old centre, maybe in the weekend of your arrival. Please look for more information on this website.



To see the beauty of our city for yourself, this time-lapse of our city, which is partly filmed by drone, gives a very nice overview:



Live in Delft: Sports and Culture

The Sports and Cultural Centre is the place for activities outside study and work for students and employees at TU Delft. The centre offers a range of opportunities for relaxation, activity, leisure and personal development. Think about salsa dance, soccer, tennis, but also painting, photography.
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International Student Organisations

Many international student organisations are active in Delft. From excursions & internships to Dutch evenings & social drinks, many activities are organised. ESN, IAESTE, DISS, AEGEE & AIESEC are looking forward to your stay!

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Public Transport from the Airport

As most of you will arrive by plane, public transport can be used to travel to Delft. From Schiphol Airport, Eindhoven Airport & Rotterdam the Hague Airport, Delft is easy to reach by public transport.

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Recycle shops Delft

In Delft there are several recycle shops where you can buy cheap second hand furniture etc. If you are interested in buying stuff low budget, you can go to one of the ‘Kringloopwinkels’. By the end of your study period you can also consider giving your stuff which is still in good shape to one of these shops. For more information

Studying in Holland

What makes Holland an attractive country to study? What can you expect of the higher education system? What is day-to-day life like in Holland and how international is Dutch society?
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Some of you may opt for a Dutch language course, once you are here in Delft. It is possible to learn some Dutch already with the “Hoi Holland!” App:

This serious game is your first step towards mastering the Dutch language. Hoi Holland! shows you how much fun it can be to learn Dutch!

Although you can speak English with practically anyone in Holland, learning the local language helps you to get to know the country and its culture and society.

By playing Hoi Holland! you will learn some basics of Dutch: understanding and speaking Dutch makes everyday activities, such as grocery shopping or going to a restaurant, a little easier and more fun. It will also help you to connect with Dutch students and make new, Dutch friends!



Sustainability at Delft University of Technology

Over the last years, Delft University of Technology has been involved in many projects with a combination in design, innovation and sustainability. Many enthusiastic students have combined their studies with an involvement in such a project. Many successes were the result and have gathered media attention from all over the world. From nanoparticles to solar cells and from tiny robots to innovative shore monitoring techniques. Anything is possible at Delft University of Technology.

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Ecolution is a university-wide effort to reduce our environmental impact, preserve resources and show sustainability. We are focused in researching, and practicing environmental sustainability. Our vision is to make our environment healthier and cleaner for generations to come.
We are committed for incorporating sustainability practices and thinking into every aspect of campus life. Ecoultion is an effort which comes from Delft Environment Initiative. The board founded in 2012 takes a broad view of sustainability and how all parts of the university can work together to advance sustainability goals. Our team consists of campus enthusiastic students, professors, faculty with subject expertise. The vision of Ecolution is to develop innovative plans and ideas for achieving sustainability in key areas .

Typically Dutch: Bicycles

The Bicycle is the popular way of transportation for all Dutch people; almost everyone has a bike and knows how to ride from their earliest years. Among students in Delft it is also a handy way of transportation, because the campus is no longer accessible for cars and the inner city is an enormous disaster for any vehicle except bicycles and people on foot.

Typically Dutch: Vla

Vla is the Dutch custard. It is the most popular dessert in Holland, so for the Dutch it’s always surprising to notice that foreign supermarkets don’t sell it. Vla is a sort of yoghurt with the taste of chocolate, caramel, vanilla or banana, or something else. You can buy it everywhere, even in the smallest supermarket, in cartons.

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