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In short:

- Decide on your graduation subject, discuss this with your coordinator (if applicable)

- Request to start your MSc thesis at the Central Student Administration office (use the forms mentioned below)

- Get permission on your MSc programme with the Board of Examiners and your coordinator (if applicable)

- Apply for your graduation and degee

- (If applicable, ask timely permission to change your graduation programme or withdraw from graduation)

- Upload your thesis in the TU Delft Repository (repository.tudelft.nl)



When embarking on the Master Thesis it is also important to observe what is laid down in the

Rules and Guidelines Board of Examiners:

Article 26             Master Thesis Project

Article 27             Composition of the assessment committee for Master Thesis Project

Article 28             Working method of the assessment committee

and, if applicable,

Article 29              Official date of the Master Thesis Project result.


All forms can be downloaded from the website: Forms



Ringbinders and staples

Did you write a report? At Study Society 'Practische Studie' it is always possible to get staples. If you want to keep more pages together, PS also sells ringbinders (20 to 240 pages) including front and back pages. You can bind your report yourself on the mezzanine floor of PS.

PS is open Monday till Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.



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