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Multidisciplinary Project

Within the master programmes given at the faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences students have the possibility to follow the elective “Multidisciplinary Project.” During this project, they have the opportunity to perform their own project in groups of four to six students and solve an issue with their acquired knowledge from the master programmes. Many teams choose to go abroad, which gives an extra dimension to their project.

For more information about the Multidisciplinary Project, please visit Brightspace (course code CIE4061-09) or contact the Student and International Office CEG, room 2.73, daily opening hours between 12.30 and 13.30 hrs.

E-mail: InternationalOffice-CiTG@tudelft.nl


An overview of all* multidisciplinary projects, performed by TU Delft CEG students, can be found here http://projectpresenter.dicea.nl

You can zoom in and click on the marker to get more details. Some projects are very near to each other and markers may overlap. *This application is based on the reports that are included in the repository. Reports that are not included in the repository are thus not discoverable.

More student experiences can be found here.




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