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IDEMC5 – Service Design by Dirk Snelders and Froukje Sleeswijk Visser

20 September 2017 - 21 September 2017

In this IDE Master Class, you will look at tools that help to pay attention to the relation between users and service providers. You will learn how service design is a strategic design activity that also represents a need among clients, to enhance their capability to co-create services with their stakeholders.Continue


Graduate Pauline Fles (DfI)

22 September 2017 | 10:45
location: Hans Dirkenroom

"Co-researching your future"Continue


Graduate Paulina Meraza Farfán (SPD)

22 September 2017 | 15:45
location: IDE Arena

"Analyzing perceptions towards Augmented Reality: Implications of this technology for passengers and KLM employees"Continue


Graduate Marcel van der Meer (IPD)

22 September 2017 | 13:45
location: IDE Arena

"Solar Cooling in West-Africa"Continue


Graduate Bo Wong (DfI)

25 September 2017 | 15:45

"Olli Play - Designing a new modality in child-toy ownership"Continue


Graduate Maria Echavarria Restrepo (IPD)

26 September 2017 | 15:45
location: Wim Crouwelhall

"'Living' for Joolz"Continue


Graduate Karel Bramer (IPD)

27 September 2017 | 13:45

"The design of a customizable implant for thumb arthroplasty"Continue


Graduate Jiamin Feng (Dfi)

27 September 2017 | 13:45
location: Joost van der Grintenhall

"Coworking in the skies - reframing future flying experience for frequent flyers"Continue


Graduate Lin Pang (Dfi)

27 September 2017 | 15:45
location: Studio 23/24

"Cross the rainbow bridge - Design for pet loss"Continue


Graduate Meng Xu (DfI)

28 September 2017 | 13:45
location: Wim Crouwelhall

"Océ: Connecting the company museum to the experience centrum for new innovations"Continue


Graduate Zsolt Hayde (IPD)

29 September 2017 | 13:45

"Concept design of the next Xbox controller"Continue


Graduate Julia Brinkmann (Dfi)

29 September 2017 | 15:45
location: IDE Arena

"Match! A patient platform to faciliate peer friendships"Continue


Graduate Marieke Lous (DfI)

2 October 2017 | 15:45
location: Bernd Schierbeekhall

"Allergenie: Helping general practitioners and their patients find a possible cause of allergic symptoms"Continue


Graduate Steven Burger (SPD)

5 October 2017 | 13:45
location: Wim Crouwelhall

"Hybrid Business Model for the Dutch Mental Healthcare"Continue


Graduate Thomas Schalkwijk (IPD)

6 October 2017 | 15:45
location: IDE Arena

"Universal motorcycle swingarm"Continue


Graduate Lisa Vork (DfI)

6 October 2017 | 13:45

"Designing with data"Continue


Graduate Lisanne Boersema (IPD)

6 October 2017 | 15:45
location: IDE Arena

"A door-to-door baggage service with standardized suitcase"Continue


Graduate Catherine Hage (IPD)

11 October 2017 | 15:45
location: Studio 23/24

"In your own time. A design influencing the perceived waiting time of the families at the Prinses Maxima Centrum" Continue


Graduate Ziran Chin-On (Dfi)

11 October 2017 | 13:45
location: Wim Crouwelhall

"Museum Passanggrahan: Designing for the cultural heritage of Bonaire"Continue


Graduate Julie Kuipéri (SPD)

12 October 2017 | 10:45
location: Hans Dirkenroom

"The 'next generation' food delivery e-bike"Continue

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