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Educational advisor
Drs. Nel Pouw
015 - 2788278

Student assistants
Evita Goettsch

Ilse van Zeumeren

Results quality assurance activities

For the various courses, a summary of the evaluation results is published on the website of the faculty of IDE.
After processing the results, the educational advisor will discuss the results with the course coordinator. A report of this meeting is made, containing the actions for improvement. This report is laid down by the Board of Education and thereafter it is presented to the OKIO. These procedures take a while; so about six months after the semester has ended, the evaluation results will be published on the website.

Results of the evaluation will only be processed when the response is at least 25%. So it is important to stimulate fellow students to fill out the questionnaire.


View the evaluation results of the Bachelor courses or the evaluation results of the Master courses .


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