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BinnenhofInsideOut Design Contest

06 February 2018

The Dutch House of Parliament Binnenhof will be renovated from 2020 onwards. BinnenhofInsideOut challenges you to keep Binnenhof in the picture during renovation, and to expose the 800 years of history that is hidden in its walls. Not only in Binnenhof, but in the entire city centre of The Hague.Continue


Street Seats: Urban Benches for Vibrant Cities

06 February 2018

Design brings communities together. Public seating sets the scene for chance encounters, people watching, connecting with nature, or just taking a break. Street Seats challenges you to design sustainable outdoor sidewalk furniture with a focus on reuse, using environmentally-friendly materials and innovative construction methods.Continue


Green Challenge

06 February 2018

The Green Challenge student conference is your chance to showcase your own project. It is your opportunity to be inspired by fellow students and networks that include some of the country’s top minds devoted to environmental sustainability.Continue


2018 Global Challenge Virtual Preliminary

06 February 2018

The Virtual Preliminary celebrates the energy and innovation of university students and their important contributions to the global economy, while encouraging them to develop their entrepreneurial ideas by means of a business concept challenge we are hosting virtually.Continue


Changemaker Challenge

06 February 2018

Would you like to win a € 5,000 grant to break new ground with your graduation research about water or plastic waste? We know you do. Join the Changemaker Challenge!Continue


Graduation projects from February 2018 onwards; what will change?

24 January 2018

Tuesday 23 January, Arjen Jansen presented the changes in the graduation project, as valid from February onwards. Students that entered the updated master curricula in September 2016 and have no study delay, will now start their graduation projects. Continue

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