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Academic Counsellors

Drs. M.J.C.C. Brand (Marja)

Room: a2.320
E-mail: M.J.C.C.Brand@tudelft.nl
Presence: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur

Drs. B.A. Valk (Ton)

Room: a2.300
E-mail: b.a.valk@remove-this.tudelft.nl 
Presence: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur


K. Boomgaard MA (Kiki)

Leiden University
Academic Counsellor Industrial Ecology

T: +31(0)71-5271477
E-mail: studyadvisor-ie@remove-this.cml.leidenuniv.nl
Presence Leiden:
Mon, Tue, Wed

Delft: by appointment

Academic Counsellors

Marja Brand and Ton Valk are the Academic Counsellors for:

For short questions please visit us during the Open Office hours:


11.00-12.00 hrs


11.00-12.00 hrs


11.00-12.00 hrs

During the summer holidays there are no Open Office.

For more extensive questions please make an appointment through the Online appointment form.

Kiki Boomgaard 
is the academic counsellor for: Industrial Ecology

Leiden: Open office hours (for short questions): Tuesday 13.00-14.00 hrs.
Delft: by appointment

An academic counsellor generally gives information and advice about the programme. In addition an academic counsellor can provide study information, advice, guidance and mediation specific to your personal situation. Your academic counsellor is available to help you with all kinds of issues.

It is of great importance to inform the academic counsellors in case of illness or other special circumstances which interfere with your study. If you don’t contact the academic counsellors in time you take the risk that you cannot lay claim to special arrangements (like BSA or graduation support) afterwards.


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