Meeting dates

Examencommissie vergaderingen
26 september 2017
31 oktober 2017
20 november 2017
18 december 2017
22 januari 2018 
19 februari 2018 
26 maart 2018 
23 april 2018  
22 mei 2018 
11 juni 2018 
9 juli 2018 
28 augustus 2018

Board of Examiners TPM

The Faculty TPM has one Board of Examiners for TPM programmes: 

  • Bachelor - Technische Bestuurskunde (TB)
  • Master - Complex Systems Engineering and Management (CoSEM)
  • Master - Engineering and Policy Analysis (EPA)
  • Master - Management of Technology (MOT)


For questions and requests to the Board of Examiners students can contact the secretary of the Board of Examiners.

Requests must be received by the secretary at least 6 working days before the Board meeting (requests received later will be handled in the next meeting). 

Incomplete applications will not be handled!

The academic counsellor can inform you on the proper procedure and can advise you writing an application or request.

Secretary: ing. R. (Robbert) Kruiniger 
Phone: 015 - 27 85500

Tasks Board of Examiners

The Examination Board has a broad range of tasks in the area of ​​examinations and examinations: 

  • Ensuring the quality of examinations and final examinations;
  • Determining guidelines and instructions within the framework of the education and examination regulations to assess and determine the results of examinations, final tests and exams;
  • Granting exemptions for taking examinations;
  • Impose sanctions for fraud;
  • Establish rules on the implementation of the above tasks and powers and on the measures that it can take in this respect;
  • The Board of Examiners  can determine under conditions to be set that not every examination has to be passed in order to establish that the examination has been successfully completed;
  • Guaranteeing the quality of the organization and the procedures for exams and examinations;
  • Granting approval to follow a free education program;
  • Issuing of certificate and diploma supplement;
  • Appointment of examiners;
  • Annually prepare an annual report and provide it to the dean;

Board of Examiners members

  • Prof.dr. R.W. (Rolf) Kunneke (EPA) (voorzitter)
  • Dr. W.M. (Martin) de Jong (EPA/MoT)
  • U. (Udo) Pesch (MoT)
  • Dr. M.E. (Martijn) Warnier (TB/SEPAM)
  • Dr. ir. L.J. (Laurens) de Vries (TB/SEPAM)
  • Prof.dr. W.K. (Willem) Korthals Altes (TB/SEPAM)
  • Prof.dr. B. (Bernard) Dam (external member)


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