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Lunch debate: TPM in 25 years’ time

11 September 2017

We recently celebrated our 25th anniversary. What better reason for looking ahead to the next 25 years? What will TPM be like in 25 years' time? What kind of education will we be providing in 2042, and what research will we be conducting? As part of the 25th anniversary of our faculty, a lunch debate will be organised at 9 October 12:30 in lecture hall A, supervised by Jolien Strous.Continue


Graduation ceremony MSc programmes

31 August 2017
MOT graduates

Last Thursday, 24 August, the Graduation Ceremony of the MSc programmes EPA, MOT and international SEPAM was held at the Town Hall. The programme started with a word of welcome to all 160 attendees from Marja van Bijsterveldt, Mayor of Delft. Subsequently Prof. Hans Wamelink, Dean of the Faculty of TPM gave a speech and congratulated all graduates after which they were all addressed personally by...Continue

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