Welcome new MSc students

Welcome new Master students

Introduction Programme 2017-2018 

Dear EPA, MOT, CoSEM students,

(mind: not for 1st year BSc-TB students! New Bachelor students please go to:  more information for BSc-TB students)

We would like to invite you all to be present at the Faculty Introduction Day on Friday, 1 September 2017 at the Faculty TPM, Jaffalaan 5, in Delft. You will receive information about the programs, the TPM Faculty, education as well as studying in the Netherlands/Delft in general. It is also a great opportunity to get to know your fellow students.

Faculty Introduction Programme 1 September 2017  





14.15-15.00 hrs


Faculty TPM - Foyer

15.00 hrs


Welcome by Toke Hoek,
International Study Abroad Officer

to be announced


The programme is still under construction.

You will receive an email with full details.


 Introduction week MOT and EPA

During the mandatory introduction week (18 - 23 September 2017) we will provide intellectual, recreational, social and academic activities that inspire and challenge you to understand yourself and others at the same time.

To do so we planned for you several excursions, games and lectures and we will stay in a hostel outside Delft (in Bruinisse, Zeeland). Invitations will be sent out in September.

As the name suggests the introduction week is specifically designed in helping new master students to feel at home in the Netherlands/in Delft and starting integration into a family of students.

The program will hint at the various aspects of life at TPM. Classes will continue on site. 

The Stoofpolder accommodation, Zeeland

Other important Events 

  • Sneak Preview for international students only on Friday 25 August, program to be announced by Delftulip
  • MSc CoSEM starts with a Bootcamp (SEN1111 Introduction to Designing in Complex Systems) 
    program to be announced

Additional information

More Information:

For all general information please go to: welcome new students!



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