Quality Assurance

The quality of education at the faculty of TPM is regarded as very important. The department of Educational and Student Affairs monitors this quality. The quality of education is optimized together with teachers and students. On this site information can be found on:

For questions or remarks about the quality of education at TPM you can always contact the employees of educational quality assurance.

Employees Educational Quality Assurance:


  • MSc CoSEM
  • MSc EPA 


  • MSc MOT


  • BSc TB- electives
  • Interdisciplinairy education, minors included
  • ICTO


  • Commissioner Master and Career of Curius     
    T: 015-27 83406                        
    E: master@remove-this.curius.nl


  • Organisation and minutes CRG’s MSc
  • Complaints on education      



  • Organisation and minutes CRG’s BSc
  • Complaints on education           


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