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The Service Desks: one place for all your questions

The Service Desk is the primary point of contact for students, staff members and visitors. Every faculty has a Service Desk. The staff will be happy to help you. Click here for the contact details of the Service Desk of your faculty 

Student IT Desks: ICT help for students by students

For all your questions relates specifically to ICT, you can go to one of the five Student IT Desks (S.I.D.). Every Student IT Desk is staffed by students whose own knowledge and experiences mean that they enjoy providing assistance to you. After all, they know better than anyone else what ICT facilities you will need during your degree programme. Click here for the contact details of the Student IT Desks (S.I.D.) 


There are several manuals available for the ICT facilities on the TU Delft. Click here for the manuals page for students. 

ICT Maintenance and bugs

You will find information about ICT Maintenance and bugs on the Maintenance and bugs page of the SSC ICT. Click here for the ICT Maintenance and bugs page




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