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Your Net ID is your all-purpose personal ID which gives you access to all TU Delft’s central ICT facilities. Students will receive an e-mail from Education and Student Affairs, containing your NetID and a link to activate it once. 

Are you employee at the TU Delft? Your NetID will be generated automatically once you are registered with the TU Delft. Before you can use your NetID you must activate it using the one-time-key.

Who is this for?

Staff, students, guests and external parties.


Your Net ID will be generated automatically when you have made a request to register as a student at TU Delft via Studielink.

Your Net ID will be generated automatically when you register as a employee at TU Delft. At first you will have only access to a basic workplace (TU e-mail and personal data drive (home folder)) and Blackboard. Once the processing has been completed you can apply for a campus card and access to the data drives of your department and authorisations for various business applications. See also the registration procedure.

Handling time

See 'Applying'


The NetID is free of charge.


The NetID is blocked 3 months after the date of deregistration or if your registration is not valid. This means that during these 3 months, you still have access to BlackBoard and your TU mailaddress.

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