Binding recommendation on continuation of studies for current students (BSA)

At TU Delft we have a binding recommendation on the continuation of studies (BSA). This means that you will have to attain a minimum number of credits in the first year of your BSc in order to continue with your studies; this is set at 45 ECTS. This is 75 per cent of the total number of credits you can attain in the first year. You can find an overview of when the measurements take place and the corresponding criteria under the heading ‘BSA criteria’. For all degree programmes, any exemptions based on activities preceding this academic year will not count towards the BSA requirement: the 45 ECTS credits must be attained in the current academic year. If this requirement is not met, your enrolment will be terminated and you will not be able to re-enrol for the same study programme for a period of four years. Naturally, you will receive interim advice, support and guidance throughout the year.

Information about how the binding recommendation on the continuation of studies at TU Delft is implemented can be found in Appendix 15 of the Student Charter. If you have any questions about the binding recommendation on the continuation of studies, please consult the FAQs or contact the academic counsellor of your degree programme. Click here for the contact details of the academic counsellors.

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