Submitting a complaint to the Central Complaints Desk

If you wish to submit a complaint you can send an e-mail to
Make sure to include at least the following details in your e-mail:

  • Your name, address, telephone number, student number, TU Delft student e-mail address, the year in which you commenced your studies and the name of your study programme
  • A description of the complaint (what, when, who and where?)
  • Your reason for submitting the complaint
  • Have you already discussed the complaint with anyone? If so, with whom?

If you prefer you can also send your complaint by post or hand it in in person, at the following address:

Centraal klachtenloket
Gebouw Onderwijs & Studentzaken (gebouwnummer 30A)
Jaffalaan 9A (Mekelweg entrance)
2628 BX, Delft

Tel.: +31 (0)15 27 88004

It is always possible to discuss your complaint in person with a Student Counsellor first, before submitting it. To make an appointment to do so you can send an e-mail to:

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