VSSD Steunpunt

Voor vragen over o.a.  studiefinanciering, huurrecht en onderwijs kun je terecht bij het Steunpunt van de VSSD. Mail je vraag naar steunpunt@remove-this.vssd.nl.

Promood, the Delft PhD consultation body

Student participation

In Delft

Jongeren Informatie Punt(Youth Information Point)
The Jongeren Informatie Punt is a resource for 12 to 27 year olds with questions about: problems at home, temporary shelter, health, accommodation, education, work, unemployment, drugs, sexuality, policy and the judicial system.

“The Organisatie RAtionele Studenten (the rational student organisation or ORAS) is a society that aims to ensure that TU Delft continues to be a leading knowledge institute from a student’s point of view.”

Lijst Bèta
Lijst Bèta is a society that is committed to improve education at the TU Delft. It was founded to keep the focus of the student council on education.

The Delft International Student Society (DISS) was established by TU Delft’s student council and VVSD student union for the benefit of international students to act as the missing link between these students and the administration. DISS helps the student council and student union to successfully represent international students.

The student council of TU Delft represents the interests of students at the Executive Board. The council holds ten seats, which are held by party members of ORAS and Lijst Bèta.

Student Council (SR) Elections and Faculty Student Council (FSR)

The StudieVerenigingenRaad (SVR) is the umbrella body for all TU Delft student societies. Its main task is to stimulate collaboration and consultation between student societies.

The VSSD protects the interests of all Delft students. The VSSD is a member of the national student organisations LSVb and ISO.

Promood represents the interests of TU Delft PhD candidates. They inform PhD candidates about news related to their interests and organise social events.


“The Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg (ISO) is a national student organisation which represents the interests of all students in the Netherlands. ISO maintains relationships with students active in student participation as well as other national organisations for students: AIESEC Nederland, Integrand Nederland, NSSS and LKvV. ISO also gives advice on higher education in the Netherlands to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.”

"The Landelijke Studenten Vakbond (LSVb) promotes the interests of all students in the Netherlands. The LSVb is a federation comprising 23 student unions, which either promotes the interests of students at a specific institute or those of a specific group of students. The LSVb regularly meets with the Ministry of Education, Cultural Affairs and Science, the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) and the HBO raad (The Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences)."

Foundation for Refugee Students UAF
The Foundation for Refugee Students UAF (Stichting voor Vluchteling-Studenten UAF) supports refugees and asylum seekers who plan to study in the Netherlands. You will find extensive information on the work of the UAF on the UAF website.

Studying with a disability
The handicap + study expertise centre offers support and advice on studying with a  disability or chronic illness. On this website there is an overview of conditions which provides general information about the condition and how it may affect your study (in Dutch).

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