Student Health Care (SGZ)

Student Health Care (SGZ)

Student Health Care is the place to go with your health-related questions and problems. The Delft Student Health Practice GPs’ surgery is part of Student Health Care. It offers general practitioner services. If you do not currently have a general practitioner in Delft, it is recommended that you register at the Student Health Practice. The surgery hours of the general practitioners in the student practice are by appointment, but there is also a daily drop-in consult on campus (11:00-11:45). During holidays consultation hours can be changed, for more information look at  Student Health Care is located in a health care centre (with a pharmacy, dentists, physiotherapy, speech and language therapists and psychologists).

TU Delft has a formal agreement with Student Health Care (SGZ) for the provision of a number of services required by the university's students. These services are offered free-of-charge or with a discount to students and are related to preventative medical care and support, including:

  • providing medical certificates for applications for financial support from TU Delft, provisions relating to performance grants or for other purposes related to academic study.
  • individual counselling if your studies are disrupted by illness
  • iinternship examinations
  • Compensation for vaccinations in cases in which residence abroad is an approved part of academic study and a medical vaccination is advised: a vaccination certificate signed by the faculty must be submitted.
  • short-term RSI therapy counseling
  • dyslexia tests and tests relating to study choices, following referral by the faculty. Students are charged €25 for this.

Contacting the surgery
The SGZ can be contacted by telephone from Monday to Friday, 08:30-12:30 and 13:30-17:00, to arrange appointments. In case of an emergency out of office hours, you can call the huisartsenpost Delft 015-2511930. In severe cases you can call 112 ( ambulance).

Making appointments:

  • Student doctor: +31 (0)15-2121507
    Location: Medical Centre De Hoed, Kampveld 10a in Delft
  • Travel Clinic: +31 (0)15-2121507 or
    Location: Medical Centre De Hoed, Kampveld 10a in Delft
  • GP ( Student Health Practice) : +31 (0)15-7999050 or by internet
    Appointments: Leeghwaterstraat 152
    Appointments: Medical Centre De Hoed, Kampveld 10a in Delft
    Daily drop-in surgery without appointment (11:00-11:45) on campus
    Leeghwaterstraat 152


Student Health Care and Travel Clinic

 Student Health Practice

  • Surgery hours morning: Leeghwaterstraat 152- 2628 LV Delft
  • Surgery hours afternoon:  Beukenlaan 4G 2612 VC Delft
  • Telephone: +31 (0)15 799 90 50
  • Website:
  • Email:
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