Credits and assessment at TU Delft

TU Delft uses the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) employed by all universities in the European Union. One academic year consists of 60 ECTS credits. One ECTS credit is equal to a study load of 28 hours (including lectures and laboratory courses); 60 ECTS credits represent one year of full-time study.  All Bachelor’s programmes at TU Delft consist of 180 ECTS and all Master’s programmes, 120 ECTS.

Exchange students should earn a minimum of 24 credits per semester at TU Delft. At least 70% of the ECTS credits of the courses should be obtained at the faculty in which they are enrolled. Exchange students at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment should take all their courses there. It is not possible for exchange students from other faculties to obtain credits at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment.

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